When you arrive you will find a welcome tea tray with biscuits, milk, tea, coffee and sugar. Bedding and towels are provided. We also aim to provide household essentials such as tea towels, washing up liquid, and so on. Check the inventory below and contact us if you have any questions.


Kitchen mixing bowl Serving up Amusements
bread knife casserole + lid knives jigsaws
carving knife pie dish forks dominoes
carving fork vegetable dishes spoons books
vegetable knives scales tea spoons cookery books
knife sharpener timer serving spoons chess
fish slice


toast rack cards
ladle   table mats other games
2 wooden spoons Cleaning cake plate  
potato masher   milk jug Bedrooms
whisk washing up liquid sugar bowl duvet+ sheets
corkscrew sponge scourer teapot underblanket
bottle opener washing up brush butter dish 2 pillows pp
sieve dishcloth biscuit tin spare blanket
potato peeler tea towels carving dish electric blanket
tin opener doormat condiment set coathangers
scissors broom coasters box of tissues
grater dustpan/brush gravy boat sets of towels
rolling pin bucket   hairdryer
oven glove washing up bowl Crockery  
colander vacuum cleaner large plates Sitting Room
baking tin toilet cleaner small plates TV + remote
roasting tray household cleaner tea cups & saucers DVD + remote
small pan cleaning cloth mugs candlesticks
medium pan   cereal bowls clock
large pan Safety egg cups radio/CD player
frying pans fire blanket pudding bowls  
milk pan smoke alarms   Bits and bobs
pudding bowl torch Glassware spare light bulbs
chopping board   wine glasses candle & matches
tray   small tumblers  
bread board   large tumblers  
lemon squeezer   water jug  
bread bin   vinegar container  
measuring jug   cafetiere  
silver foil